Paradise Valley Campground, a family-oriented, music free camping oasis located in the heart of Sea to Sky Country…Paradise Valley, Squamish, BC

As a family campground, we value the time you spend with your family and friends. Even though we are a music free campground, we do welcome acoustic guitars and singing. We are considered a front-country campground, sharing 28 acres of coastal rain-forest with our guests. We work hard to offer private sites, clean washrooms and pay showers and immaculate riverside trails.

Reviews of Paradise Valley Campground

  • Wow paradise experience 😍 It was a rainy night but we still get to enjoy the trail.. Love the washrooms, showers, well maintained site and almost every minute patrolling the camp site😂 My 3 year old son love chasing it. We'll be back soon😍 Highly recommended
  • What a paradise! Staff are quite nice. Separation of with-kids zone and no-kids adult only zone. Hot shower and well-prepared campsite. What else to ask for!
  • We stayed for two nights on this beautiful en quiet campsite, near the new shower and toilet building at the front of the site. Very kind and helpfull crew. There's a small shop and possibility for hiking and biking. Highly recommandable!