The Eldorado Starfire was only built for three years and yes that front end is from a Lincoln Mark VII LSC.

Is your Lincoln Mark VII simply too small for your family? Do you require a vehicle that can take you cross-country in the pinnacle of 1980s luxury? Well, you’re in luck because thanks to a recent Facebook post you have the opportunity to purchase an impossibly Eldorado Starfire RV.

In today’s world of unique overlander and RV builds we thought we’d seen it all, but then this Eldorado Starfire RV was listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Built by EMC from 1987 to 1989, the Starfire RV was sold in both 27.0-foot and 32.0-ft models with this current listing being the larger 32.0-foot Starfire RV. The Eldorado Starfire RV is built on a Ford E350 chassis and uses a Ford C6 Ford automatic transmission.

The most interesting design cue on the Starfire RV is the front end, which includes the grille, hood, and headlights from a Lincoln MK VII. This addition of a luxury car front end was meant to convey the Eldorado Starfire’s high-end build quality and design while offering customers a familiar face in the process.

According to the Facebook Marketplace listing, this particular Eldorado Starfire RV benefits from recent maintenance to prepare it for its next customer. The massive 7.5-liter 460CI V8 engine benefits from a recently rebuilt carburetor and new fluids to set it up for reliable use. This Eldorado Starfire RV also has nine brand new tires, new batteries for the engine and interior, and new front shocks.

The luxurious interior is the Eldorado Starfire RV’s main selling point. The onboard 5000KW Onan Generator powers Dual air conditioners, a central vacuum system, full sized refrigerator, and onboard entrainment. The seller notes that the interior of this particular Eldorado Starfire RV looks barely used. Although we still think the Elemment Palazzo RV has the nicest interior of any RV on earth.

The listing for this pristine Eldorado Starfire RV’ notes that there are only 22,000 miles on the odometer with a list price of $34950.00. This unique opportunity to purchase a rare Eldorado Starfire RV won’t last long so make sure you act quickly.

Source: Motor1