The Volkner Performance S is the ultimate luxury motorhome, boasting an outstanding build specification and an eye-watering price tag. In the world of high-end motorhomes, Volkner and Variomobil are known to be the top contenders, and this year, Volkner takes the crown again with its 39-foot Performance S. This motorhome is packed with features that make it stand out, such as a large rooftop deck, a floor plan-wide surround sound system, and a coffee-and-cocktails bar. Additionally, the LaFerrari that’s parked between the front and rear axles of the Performance S is an added bonus.

Volkner showcased the Performance S earlier this year at the 2022 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, where it drew attention with its striking orange-and-black paint job and the white LaFerrari that was tucked inside. The motorhome was one of the biggest and most impressive sights of the show, along with the Action Mobil Global XRS 7400. However, while the Action Mobil could be purchased for €1.1 million, the Performance S cost nearly twice that, at a price tag of over €2 million (approximately US$2.1 million). With the LaFerrari added in, the final price rose to over €5.3 million (US$5.7 million).

The LaFerrari itself costs around €3 million, which is the same as last year’s Bugatti Chiron. Therefore, the difference in price between the two ultimately comes down to the motorhome’s specifications and the current exchange rate that’s more favorable to the US dollar. Despite the high price, the Performance S doesn’t lack in amenities, and it even has some interesting options that previous models didn’t have. For instance, it has a 135-sq-ft rooftop deck, which is a little hard to access via a ladder in the bathroom shower, but it’s perfect for stargazing, people-watching, and general fresh air relaxation.

The rest of the roof is occupied by practical equipment, such as a 2,000-W solar panel array, satellite dish, 4G antenna, and dual air conditioning system. The custom interior of the Performance S boasts a unique layout, with an L-shaped kitchen counter that’s more like something you’d see in a stationary home or on a yacht. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying coffee and a light breakfast in the morning, or wine or cocktails in the evening. The kitchen also comes equipped with a three-burner induction cooktop, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator with a separate 12-bottle wine cooler.

The front living area features a daybed instead of a basic sofa and makes use of the driver-side wall slide-out for proper spacing. The main bed, measuring 71 x 79 inches, is located in the rear bedroom. The bed has a tall cushioned headrest, which replaces the window that would otherwise be visible there, and it’s perfect for sitting up while reading, working or web surfing.

Instead of Volkner’s usual Burmester audio system, the customer chose to install their own custom sound system with speakers throughout, including 5.1 surround sound in the living area. The motorhome also comes with LED smart TVs in the living room and bedroom. A 20-kWh lithium battery bank, charged with the help of the solar array, powers the electronics and other interior electrical equipment.

Built on a Volvo bus chassis with a 503-hp rear engine and air suspension system, the Performance S’s final price, including taxes, is €5,311,000, making it the most expensive motorhome at the 2022 Caravan Salon