Have you ever felt like you were already spending a lot on a purchase, only to be surprised by additional charges on the final bill? This situation is quite familiar with concert tickets, and it’s also a source of frustration for RVers trying to live the RV Life due to “junk fees” at RV parks. You might visit a park’s website and think the cost per night is one thing, but when it’s time to pay, unexpected fees like “campground fees” or “reservation fees” pop up. In California, these types of RV park junk fees and others are about to become illegal.

On July 1, 2024, a new law in California, Senate Bill 478 (SB 478), signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, will come into effect, outlawing hidden or “junk fees.” California Attorney General Rob Bonta highlighted the issue, stating, “These deceptive fees obscure the true cost of services, undermining consumer rights and fair competition. They cost Americans tens of billions annually.”

Under this new law, companies will be required to include all mandatory charges in the advertised price of goods or services, which applies to RV park junk fees as well. Gone will be the days of convenience fees, access fees, service fees, and similar charges. However, taxes and government-mandated fees won’t need to be included in the advertised price, as per state officials.

After July 1, companies that persist in charging junk fees will face significant fines.

Source: RV Travel