The controversial plan to establish the largest safe RV parking site in the South Bay was approved by the city of San Jose on Tuesday.

The site, located at 1300 Berryessa Road, will accommodate 85 RVs and their residents throughout the year. However, this proposal has already sparked protests from local residents near the property.

Christine Li of San Jose voiced her concerns, stating that the site is currently too close to residential areas. Opponents of the plan also worry about safety and whether the screening of the homeless individuals living there will be implemented.

Li further emphasized that if all the neighboring residents oppose the plan, it indicates that it is not a favorable solution.

The 6-acre lot, approximately a mile away from the BART station, will be leased by the city from a developer for the next 10 years at a cost of $18 million.

Alex Pang of San Jose expressed his skepticism, claiming that the plan merely moves people from one location to another without truly solving the problem. He believes that the homeless population will just be relocated to a new area where others will complain about their presence.

Councilmember David Cohen, who proposed the site as an option, defended the plan by highlighting its distance from the nearest school and its previous use as a truck depot. He argued that consolidating the homeless population in one stable location would provide them with the necessary services and stability.

Cohen stated, “This is actually a solution that gives them the opportunity to have services and be stable in one spot.”

Mayor Matt Mahan supported the plan, emphasizing the pressing need for a solution, as there are currently over 400 RVs parked in various neighborhoods in San Jose. He stressed the importance of accelerating the implementation of solutions to address unsheltered street homelessness.

While the city will proceed with setting up the area, no specific opening date has been announced.

Source: NBC Bay Area