There is a new electric vehicle that is half boat, half RV and it has the potential to redefine what the “RV Life” is. The SeaLVan combines the features of an RV and a boat into one futuristic vehicle. This cool looking recreational vehicle can be purchased either with a standard gasoline engine, or there is also a fully electric version available.

Some people are skeptical of how well this vehicle will function, but we are excited to see another option enter the RV market potentially. Overall, the SeaLVan is a new and innovative design that pushes the limits of what an electric vehicle can be.

Imagine cruising down the highway in your RV, then effortlessly gliding onto the water and becoming a boat. The SeaLVan brings together the best of both worlds: RV life on land and life on the water.

While the SeaLVan is still in the concept phase, it has the potential to revolutionize RV living. With its ability to transform from a travel trailer into a boat, the SeaLVan would give RV enthusiasts the ultimate freedom and flexibility to explore both land and water.

Of course, there are still some questions about the SeaLVan’s functionality. How well will it perform as a boat? How easy will it be to transition between land and water travel? These are all valid concerns that will need to be addressed before the SeaLVan can become a reality.

But despite the challenges, the SeaLVan is an exciting concept that has the potential to change the way we travel. For those who love RV life and also dream of exploring the waterways, the SeaLVan could be the perfect vehicle.

The company has a promotional video out on YouTube.  Check it out below:

Source: The Cool Down